The UCI Office of Information Technology invites you to explore the benefits of research and High Performance Computing (HPC) in the Cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

HPC with AWS

When: June 9, 9-11:45 AM


  • 9:00-9:45 Introduction to AWS . This presentation will be valuable to anyone considering the use of AWS for research computing needs. The presentation will focus on how to ‘spin up’ computing resources with AWS appropriate for general research computing needs.

  • 9:45 to 10:00 Light refreshments will be provided to attendees

  • 10:00-11:45 HPC ON AWS. The second, longer presentation will be valuable to anyone interested in using AWS research to perform larger scale, higher performance (parallel, large number of computational cores, big memory, or special processor usage) computational resources.

Mia Champion and Chad Schmutzer of Amazon will discuss supporting large-scale research and running HPC infrastructure when local resources are not enough. Topics will include:

  • How to quickly build and manage HPC clusters with AWS CFNCluster

  • Using the AWS Spot Market to cost effectively add more compute capacity

  • Using Galaxy on AWS

  • End to end processing using RNASeq

  • How to use the AWS marketplace to find and spin up existing software and services you already use

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About the Speakers

Mia Champion is an AWS Business Manager for Scientific Computing. Prior to joining AWS, Dr. Champion was an Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics and left academia to run a start-up venture where she developed analytical resources on the AWS cloud-computing platform. Her experience includes developing algorithms and database resources for cancer research, as well as studies of deadly microbial pathogens. Dr. Champion has performed and published large-scale genomics research with collaborators from all over the world, including The Broad Institute and The Mayo Clinic.

Chad Schmutzer is an AWS Senior Solutions Architect and supports higher education research institutions in Southern California. Prior to joining AWS, Chad was the Associate Director for Academic Computing at Caltech for 15 years.