Adding Compute Nodes to HPC

The High Performance Cluster ( ) is a UCI campus cluster dedicated in helping all UCI campus departments meet their high performance computing needs.

HPC is ran by the RCS Group at the Office of Information Technology with the majority of the hardware owned by various departments at the Campus.   This collection of resources enables the UCI computing community in the sharing of resources, like hardware when not in use by their owners, and software.

On the software front, HPC offers a high level of Open Source and commercial software that can run in Serial, Parallel (using MPI), or in OpenMP (threads) mode.

On the hardware front, HPC aims at Zero Computing Waste with the introduction of the Free Queue system enabling everyone to utilized computing resources that would otherwise go to waste.

Note to Node Owners:  The nodes (the hardware) you add to the HPC cluster are yours and belong to you, we simply run them for you.  

If you are interested in adding compute nodes to the cluster, the RCS staff are available to advise and guide you on the hardware and software selection that best meets your computing needs with your computing budget.

Here are some of the benefits in joining the UCI Campus HPC cluster:

If interested, please send an email to the RCS Group or to Joseph Farran at