Welcome to HPC at UCI / RCIC

High Performance Computing Cluster

Research Cyber Infrastructure Center


Philip Michael Papadopoulos RCIC Director


Joseph A. Farran HPC LEAD, HPC Architect Expert & Sys Admin


Imam Toufique: HPC System Admin

Nicholas Santucci: HPC System Admin

Joulien Erdintch Tatar: HPC Support

Francisco Lopez: HPC Support

Nadya P Williams: HPC Support

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Adding Nodes on HPC

HPC Support

Please make sure to:

  1. Check the HPC Status Page before contacting support to see if the issue has been documented?

  2. If the issue is not documented, then read this.

  3. Finally email support at hpc-support@uci.edu

Request an HPC Account

HPC is available to all UCI researches with a UCInetID

You will be able to use the public queues and the FreeQ system on HPC, however, if you find HPC useful to your research work, you will want to add your own private compute node or nodes on the cluster for your research work.